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Module Compliance Board - MCB to test next-gen transceivers

The module compliance board (MCB) enables the serial communication between the bit error rate (BER) tester and the optical transceiver.

Key features

MSA supported: QSFP-DD, OSFP, QSFP28, SFP28, SFP-DD and DSFP
Pin for standard MSA
Supports 90-degree 2.92 mm RF connectors or 1x8 multi-coaxial O-SMPM RF connectors
DDMI connection (I2C)
Switch control (VCCT/ VCCR/VCC1/LPMode/ ResetL/ MODSEIL)
LED monitor (VCCT/VCCR/VCC1/ModPrsL/InitMod/ResetL/ MODSEIL/IntL)
3 types VCC inputs (header pin/power jack/banana)


Test and validation of transceivers