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Swisscom delivers exceptional HD voice quality with VoLTE


The competitive mobile market in Switzerland is served by three network operators and a small number of MVNOs. Higher data usage encouraged Swisscom to decide to switch off its 2G network infrastructure and utilize these assets for LTE and upcoming 5G services by 2020.

Back in 2015, Swisscom was the first mobile operator to launch Voice over LTE (VoLTE) service in Europe. Three years later, more than 2,6M VoLTE calls a day take place on their network.  Swisscom’s customers enjoy better quality with VoLTE. Call setup now only takes two to three seconds and voice quality is crystal clear. It provides Swisscom a clear competitive advantage over OTTs.

Swisscom called upon Astellia to help them deliver a highly reliable network without outages and interferences and help them guarantee top VoLTE experience from day one.




EXFO’s VoLTE service assurance solution, consisting of Nova Geo for geolocated RF optimization and Nova Explorer for end-to-end troubleshooting, has been deployed to monitor Swisscom’s network. The solution is being used by Swisscom’s radio and troubleshooting  engineers and an on-site EXFO expert.

EXFO accompanied Swisscom during the pre-VoLTE launch phase with their network preparation (RF optimization and troubleshooting). Now that the service is fully up and running, EXFO’s experts are performing on-going quality performance assessments and optimization tasks, including troubleshooting of VoLTE issues, SRVCC failures or intra-LTE handover errors. They also monitor closely VoLTE subscribers to detect areas with specific VoLTE issues or VoLTE compatible devices that do not perform well.


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