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Cloud/virtual mobile network migration (with EXFO's Nova & professional services)

Innovative operator engagement

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An innovative mobile network operator (MNO) in EMEA, with a reputation for customer satisfaction, faced high and rapidly increasing data demand from its customers. To meet this demand and to support its 5G and digital transformation strategy, the MNO decided to migrate its 4G core network to a next-generation cloud/virtual infrastructure. By adopting cloudification/virtualization, the MNO targeted a more flexible and scalable core network that would benefit data-hungry customers and help launch new services.

To succeed in this strategic project, the MNO needed a different approach compared with past core deployments. It chose EXFO's Nova and professional services to meet the following key pre- and post-launch requirements:

  • Detailed visibility, based on the data needed by the MNO to proactively identify and troubleshoot network/service issues or to deal with customer queries
  • High-level dashboards, based on the main metrics identified by the MNO while also ensuring the “apples-to-apples” performance comparison between the new and the legacy core
  • Extensive flexibility and customization to address the MNO-specific data/analytics needs throughout the different phases of core deployment

Descargue el caso de estudio completo

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