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December 2021 Release notes

EXFO introduces the DCO BERT application to validate 400G coherent links.

FTB/LTB series

New feature

DCO BERT test application for coherent testing

For all players deploying coherent links for extended reach and higher bandwidth, the DCO BERT application will support all testing and deployment activities using ZR QSFP-DD or OSFP with the FTBx-88460.

New feature

Testing 2 x 200G breakout cables

For a gradual migration to a 400G infrastructure, many CSPs and data centers have decided to implement 200G links. When the time comes to scale up to 400G, the FTBx-88460 supports the validation of 2 x 200G breakout cables.

Product improvement

Service disruption time in the Fibre Channel test application

Extending the functionalities of the Fibre Channel application on the FTBx-88260, engineers and technicians can now evaluate switching time in a Fibre Channel fabric up to FC 32x using the SDT capabilities.

Product improvement

Support of single lambda 100G transceivers

DR, FR1 and LR1 transceivers can be tested and 100G single lambda links can have SLAs assessed quickly and precisely.

Product improvement

Several improvements on the Time Error/Wander test application

Major improvements on the FTBx-88260: time error measurement over G.8275 PTP profile; SyncE ESMC message generation and monitoring; faster lock time with the integrated GNSS receiver.

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