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March 2021 Release notes

Full-band swept IL-PDL measurements with the CTP10 software version 2.2

Benchtops and rackmounts

New feature

Full-band swept IL-PDL measurements

The new 2.2 software package is free of charge and can be installed on every CTP10. It enables full-band swept IL-PDL measurements using the IL PDL OPM2 and FBC-M modules by combining up to 4 T100S-HP lasers with PM output fiber, for multi-laser IL-PDL measurements.

Full-band measurements within the 1240– – 1680 nm wavelength range can be achieved by combining 3 T100S-HP lasers covering the O, ES and CL bands.

The FBC-M module integrates into the CTP10 environment, offering a complete test solution with full control via the CTP10 GUI and remote control.

Product improvement

Improved measurement speed

The measurement time was optimized on all 3 key modules (IL RL OPM2, IL PDL, IL PDL OPM2). Measurement time was reduced by 35% (from 4.8 down to 3 seconds) in the case of a 100 nm span with the IL RL OPM2 module.

Product improvement

Raw data using automation

Raw traces offer access to the unreferenced live trace as well as the reference trace, which are not available from the CTP10 GUI. The raw live and raw reference traces can be accessed via remote control using the trace types 11 and 12 respectively.

The 2.2 software package now supports trace types 11 and 12 for IL as well as IL-PDL measurements performed with the IL PDL or IL PDL OPM2 modules. In the case of a 4-state IL-PDL measurement, trace types 11 and 12 are composed of 4 traces.

This provides an easy way to access the 4 IL traces that compose a 4-sweep IL-PDL measurement: the 4 IL traces can be simply calculated as the difference between the raw live and raw reference traces.

Product improvement

Polarization information

Polarization information can be retrieved via remote control when using an IL PDL or IL PDL OPM2 module. This enables advanced analysis such as TE/TM calculations.

The new 2.2 software package now also supports the :INITiate:SOP:DATA? query after a 4-sweep IL-PDL measurement and returns polarization information of 4 sweeps.

This query, which returns the s1, s2 and s3 Stokes parameters representing the state of polarization was previously only available after a single sweep IL measurement performed with an IL PDL or IL PDL OPM2 module.

New feature

Software upgrade method

CTP10 platform software can now also be updated without the use of a USB stick.

Simply connect the CTP10 to a network drive and copy the .pkg file from the drive to the root directory of the CTP10's internal D:\ drive. After restart, the CTP10 will automatically detect the package and the update wizard will guide you through the update process.

More information

Visit the CTP10 product page for more information

CTP10 product page

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