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5G and mobile service assurance

Essential for customer experience management and monetization. Critical for 5G success.

5G service assurance: a new network and new services demand a new assurance paradigm

5G standalone brings with it a highly dynamic and scalable cloud and microservices-based network, delivering enhanced mobile broadband, ultra-reliable low latency and massive machine type communications. Managing and monetizing these services demands a new approach to mobile service assurance—one that's kept pace with the advances of 5G.


Customer quality of experience

5G services demand tighter specifications, at least 5-9s availability and an ‘everything-everywhere’ mantra.

These new demands, along with competitive pressure means mobile network operators need dynamic, instant visibility of 5G network and service quality for every user. Without this, most issues impacting customers will never be detected and fixed.

Unhappy customers threaten 5G revenue.

Change drivers

The evolution to 5G is changing the customer, business and operations landscapes. New services, virtualized networks and a greater focus on customer experience are challenging the operators’ ability to adapt as quickly as customers demand—potentially opening the door to new competitors.

More than ever, being proactive and responsive to the customers’ service needs will be essential to success.


  • Service agility

  • Network scalability

  • Customer quality of experience

  • Need for automation

Leverage and enhance


  • Leverage existing tools and solutions

  • Invest to fill in the gaps

  • Extract actionable insight from big data

  • Orchestrate for adaptive assurance

Declining margins caused by competitive pressure and low-margin IoT services will severely restrict the free cash available to spend on 5G service assurance. MNOs must invest strategically to address the changing needs of 5G networks and services. The most significant challenge is supporting northbound API requirements for automation and real-time KPI delivery.

Leverage existing assurance solutions where possible and purchase 5G solutions to fill the gaps.

The path forward

Mobile operators are being squeezed from many directions. Demands for new services, competition from traditional and emerging service providers along with shrinking budgets is forcing them to rethink everything.

Automating to deliver services faster along with adaptively monitoring and troubleshooting are key to winning this battle.


  • Better data quality

  • Actionable insights

  • Service focus

  • Network focus


5G promises to deliver a better UX via networks that automatically adapt to meet demand and can fix themselves. EXFO’s Adaptive service assurance platform delivers the right data at the right time, in context, to enable operators to meet this promise.

Better insights

EXFO’s 5G monitoring solutions provide high-resolution visibility into domain-specific and end-to-end 5G service performance. Utilizing machine learning and analytics, these solutions extract the actionable insights needed for effective management and optimization of 5G networks and services.