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Published on October 8, 2014

Proud participant in the Zain Technology Conference in Dubai

EXFO attended the Zain Technology Conference in Atlantis Dubai on 1-3 December. Dr Jon Bradley (EXFO VP EMEA) gave a speech on operator fiscal control and increased QoE through the application of preventative test procedures in both the network deployment and production phases of the wireless lifecycle.

During the conference EXFO presented their TravelHawk Pro portable troubleshooting tool which provides 100% capture of all network parameters on the control plane and full user plane analysis allowing previously unprecedented levels of visibility for solving the hardest network performance problems.

A demonstration of EXFO’s Brix Mobile Agent was also given with Live performance metrics obtained through non-intrusive active testing of seven different operators in the GCC region. This provoked particular interest as delegates jostled to see who’s network was providing the best QoE that day.

The photograph above shows EXFO VP Dr Jon Bradley and Zain Group CEO Scott Gegenheimer together with the EXFO and Zain Group Conference Team. 

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