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Published on October 8, 2014

OSNR Measurement in Coherent 40G/100G Networks

Do you measure OSNR? Or perhaps the better question would be: do you measure OSNR correctly?

Existing methods to measure OSNR, as defined by the IEC, find themselves off the mark when it comes to today’s ROADM and 40G/100G networks. Luckily new methods involving polarization multiplexing  can help you measure noise accurately and ensure the reliability of your network.

Join EXFO and Telecom Italia, the largest operator in Italy, as they discuss the following in detail:

  • Recap of coherent systems and polarization multiplexing
  • Why existing IEC and in-band OSNR methods do not work for coherent networks
  • The relationship between BER and OSNR at 100G
  • Key points on OSNR measurements at 400G
  • What solutions are at hand to measure OSNR accurately in coherent systems

Watch the webinar now.

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