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Published on March 26, 2015

News from OFC 2015

This year again, I had the chance to attend Lightwave’s breakfast meeting at OFC. Tim Hermes was on-site to inform us that Lightwave magazine is evolving, all for the better of course. First, the online magazine will no longer exist and will be replaced with a series of targeted daily newsletter. As mentioned by Tim during the session, Lightwave’s old strategy was more like “Something for everyone”, while the new strategy is “Everything for someone”, meaning that each person will get the information that is of most interest to them. Here is the new schedule:

  1. Monday: Service Provider News and Features
  2. Tuesday: Datacom News and Features
  3. Wednesday: Special Editions (FTTH, Packet-optical transport, Mobile backhaul, Test and measurement, Equipment design, 25-Gbps communications, Component technology, 100-Gbps communications 
  4. Thursday: Enabling Technologies
  5. Friday: Stephen Hardy’s Friday 5 Video

Visit www.Lightwaveonline.com to sign up to receive the newsletters that are of most interest to you.

The second part of the session was Stephen Hardy’s Five Hot Trends to Watch segment. While there were many topics to choose from, he decided to cover the following:

  • Metro networks
  • Data center interconnect
  • Enabling SDN
  • Ethernet standards
  • Battle of the mid-reach 100G MSAs
  • The approach of 400G

Please Stay tuned to hear more about these topics from Stephen.

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