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Published on November 25, 2016

EXFO, Verizon, Ontology Systems and Cognizant Collaborate on a New TM Forum Catalyst

Implementing NFV, SDN or hybrid networks means additional layers of complexity added to the already daunting challenge service providers face in configuring and managing their networks. From ensuring the path to virtualization doesn’t hurt subscriber service levels, to efficiency of automation and complete integration of service assurance into DevOps, designing and following the right process can make all the difference.

EXFO, together with Verizon, Ontology Systems and Cognizant, is collaborating on a new TM Forum Catalyst. The Lighter Logical Inventories Catalyst (Project Lily) aims to reduce that complexity and improve agility, automation and service assurance for both NFV/SDN and hybrid networks.

Read more about it, or see a proof-of-concept demonstration in Dallas at TM Forum’s Innovation InFocus event from November 2-3.

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