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Published on October 9, 2014

FTB-88100NGE: Successful Launch in China

In order to raise awareness about the availability of its new 10M-to-100G Multiservice Test Module, the FTB-88100NGE, EXFO held a press conference in partnership with C114.net on April 8 in China. The event was highly successful, with the attendance of top-tier carriers in China as well as a number of media representatives. Of the many attendees present, representatives from the China Mobile Communication Research Institute actively contributed by sharing their own 100G deployment and plans. The Canadian Embassy also sent two officers from its regional trade office to participate in the launch event, both of whom gave the launch event a high evaluation, in addition to expressing confidence in the future performance of EXFO’s new product in in Chinese market.

EXFO’s 100G testing story received an enthusiastic response from the media, so high in fact that it led to an invitation for presentation at the Data Center Industry Conference on April 24 in China. We look forward to hearing Sun Xuerui, EXFO Technology Director for Greater China, speak at the event.

If you are interested in learning more about this important product launch, you can view the  North American launch event,  or read our blog entry titled When 100G Field Deployment Takes a 007 Turn

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