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Published on February 14, 2013

When 100G field deployment takes a 007 turn

Today was the official launch of the long-anticipated FTB-88100NGE Power Blazer Multiservice Test Module—a brand new EXFO product that addresses 40G/100G field deployments taking place around the globe, as recently witnessed in countries such as Croatia. We’ve been expecting this product for a while now since it is the industry’s smallest field-testing solution that can support all rates from 10M to 100G. That’s great news for carriers who are always looking for ways to reduce their time-to-service without compromising quality.

In short, this new product is future-proof, because it has the capacity to support carriers’ current needs while enabling them to use it for both legacy and packet-based services up to 100G on the same network. This is a simple, broad, scalable and cost-effective 10M-to-100G test solution that meets today’s field-testing needs.

I had the chance to attend the launch presentation in person at EXFO's Montreal offices, where I seized the opportunity to speak with Étienne Gagnon, VP of the Test and Measurement Division, about his impressions of this exciting new product as he was stepping down from the stage. Here’s a video of the conversation: 

Watch the product launch video

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