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Published on October 10, 2014

EXFO Partners with Harada to Host the latest Field-Testing Seminar in Japan

The EXFO team is always reaching out to share its expertise, and recently travelled to Japan to host the 100GE field-testing seminar in collaboration with our valued partner, Harada. The main objective of this event was to provide attendees with valuable information, build a solid relationship with our customers in Japan, and showcase EXFO’s latest technology.

Harada was a key player in promoting this event and making it so successful. The seminar attracted nearly forty attendees, who are eager to participate in similar events in the future.

Attendees were also able to participate in live product demonstrations just outside of the conference room. The FTB-2 Pro and its 100GE field-testing module, the FIP-400 series, and the OTDR and the iOLM were all available at the demo stations. With EXFO experts on site to provide key information about each product, these demos were very much appreciated by all attendees.

This event was also a great opportunity to network with numerous experts and discuss the latest technologies and market trends. For more EXFO events in a city near you, visit our event page.

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