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Published on February 10, 2015

Checking the Pulse of 100G

100G is on a roll. True, it might no longer be a buzzword such as 400G, SDN, NFV, etc. But the fact remains that in 2014 we’ve seen major 100G deployments by Tier-1 operators and network equipment manufacturers alike. Significant rollouts are also expected next year, including the expansion of transatlantic networks to 100G, the upgrade of major US and European WDM backbones, as well as massive deployments in India and China. 100G is also starting to stir interest in South America and Africa, and a couple of projects are already underway.

According to Infonetics Research however, 10G is still expected to dominate the global market for a few more years. What this means is that 100G is budding right now and that it has plenty of room for growth.

How to overcome the complex challenges of deploying 100G?

To fully unleash the power of 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GigE), there are a few key questions that must not be left unanswered.

First and foremost, is 100G testing any different from 10G testing? That’s a question that pops up early right at the commissioning and turn-up phase. What’s critical to test when deploying a new 100G network? What to do when certain tests fail to qualify your network?

Download our free application note, to know how to check the pulse of your 100G network. The app note also gives several 100G troubleshooting tips that will definitely come in handy for your field teams.

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