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Nova Fiber - Remote fiber testing system

Intelligent OTDR-based RFTS solution designed to build, turn up and monitor any type of fiber network, including P2P and PON links.

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Fiber network lifecycle management

Nova Fiber provides end-to-end link testing, diagnostic and proactive monitoring for any type of fiber network, including passive optical networks (PON) in the FTTP context. This OTDR-based technology, characterized by EXFO's built-in intelligence and automation, delivers greater efficiency and ease of use, without cutting back on performance and flexibility. Nova Fiber mobile application empowers FTTP field technicians to remotely trigger OTDR tests. This is orchestrated via a cloud-native application server. From end-to-end link loss measurements, to link continuity, OTDR link quality check is done at the touch of a button with contextual guidance such as expected loss budget available for users on the spot. The solution's cloud-native management software is referenced as FMS (Fiber Management System). It is an innovative platform to control the remote test units, namely RTU-2 (for P2P and PON) and FG-750 (for P2P) based on containers and microservices technology.

Scale and accelerate fiber testing

Build and connect, made easy. Nova Fiber helps you take on these challenges:

Large workforce training for complex OTDR testing

Errors associated with end-to-end link testing in the field

Test and reporting time to consolidate tests and close jobs

Scale and accelerate with quality fiber links

Visibility over quality of work from contractors

Automated. Intelligent. Simple. Trusted.

Nova Fiber transforms traditional fiber deployment and how active monitoring of the fiber infrastructure is carried out. Testing capabilities are built into EXFO’s OTDR, the most trusted one in the industry. This solution thus leverages 35 years of leadership and expertise in fiber optic testing to automate and simplify active monitoring for all.

Integrated workflows through RESTful APIs

Designed for microservices, allowing your SI partners or in-house teams to build fully integrated workflows. Based on Docker and microservices, which de facto entails that all 'services' are coming with APIs (e.g., create a logical link, attach to a port, run a test, capture result and seek for meta-data).

Tackling OTDR testing complexity

EXFO’s iOLM (intelligent optical link mapper) algorithms remove complexity from fiber link testing. Single test baselining and on-demand testing for fault analysis. Deviation(s), iconic view and ability to view & extract each OTDR single pulse trace from the iOLM measurement. Ability to specify a golden trace among the test sequence, for expert-level testing and diagnosis.

No OTDR skills? No problem!

Nova Fiber mobile application is like an OTDR that fits in your pocket. Through the cloud-native Fiber Management System (FMS), it triggers OTDR functionalities (e.g., end-to-end fiber test, fiber identification) at your fingertips. The mobile environment offers easy navigation, fast testing, pass-fail analysis viewing, re-do testing and fiber identification. All required testing parameters are preconfigured enabling field technicians to operate advanced fiber testing, regardless of their experience.

Nova Fiber = (reliable and trusted) hardware + (robust, secure, open and scalable) systems.

Designed by the most trusted OTDR brand, high-resolution performance and reliability enables precise fault location, event mapping and detection of fraudulent test results within 10 seconds.

The Fiber Management System has the capability to control, monitor and manage the remote test units, distributed across the network. FMS is a leading-edge EMS platform that aligns with long-term objectives of virtualization and software-defined network.

A key attribute of the FMS is that all proposed EXFO UIs are built on APIs set, one per service, that are securely exposed for your in-house DevOps team to create fully integrated and end-to-end workflows. This means full control in terms of managing the solution. The services are deployed as Docker containers and orchestrated using Docker Swarm, which allows horizontal scaling of services by design. 

Highest density of ports for optical switches

EXFO’s MEMs optical switches use 15x less connection than others, not only providing the highest port density per rack in the industry, but also speeding up connector endface inspection.

Using 16x16F-MPO connectors, it provides a 256-port capacity within a 1/2U rackspace. Each remote test unit (RTU) can support up to 4 optical switches, providing fiber link testing capabilities up to fiber link route capabilities to 1024 per OTDR module.

Control the network lifecycle

Nova Fiber helps operators deploy, audit, activate and troubleshoot fiber optic links remotely across the network lifecycle.

It improves speed and visibility for field testing, but also reduces mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) and trucks rolls during troubleshooting. End-to-end testing avoids costly repeat jobs.

Applications :

  • PON
  • 5G FTTA
  • Fiber deep
  • Centralized managed P2P
  • Dark and lit fibers

Complexity, solved.

Nova Fiber mobile application empowers field technicians to remotely trigger OTDR testing.

From end-to-end link loss measurements to link continuity, OTDR link characterization is accessible to any technician at the touch of a button, including contextual diagnostics available on the spot.

What does this entail? Technicians can focus on the results rather than OTDR trace interpretation.

A world of possibilities

Build on an open architecture, Nova Fiber enables integrated workflows with microservices.

The services are deployed as Docker containers and orchestrated using Docker Swarm, which allows horizontal scaling of services by design.  

Its cloud-native platform delivers enterprise-class components and technologies to ensure the highest IT security standards.

Key features

  • Smaller, denser and more scalable: OTDR and 1024 ports fit in 3U height
  • Recognized EXFO quality: FTBx-735C high-end OTDR module
  • Optional 1x4 FTBx-9160 optical switch module for dual-stage scaling of test ports
  • MPO connectors: less connectors, less issues. 16x lesser connections than other vendors
  • Up to 4 switches per RTU (1024 ports)
  • Cloud-native design for unlocked and integrated solutions


  • Fixed OTDR function for lifecycle testing of P2P and P2MP fiber network topologies
  • End-to-end continuity and loss verification in PONs
  • Massive FTTx network auditing
  • Automated troubleshooting fiber networks
  • Preventive tracking of degradations
  • Broader applications: dark fiber SLAs, DCI, private networks, submarine and offshore, DWDM transport, wireless backhaul, FTTH Read more

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