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Revamped fiber deployment accountability: Transparent progress for investors and public agencies

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Today’s fiber-optic network deployments, whether supported by public funding or private investment, demand unparalleled accountability. Demonstrating the existence of claimed fiber circuits, accurate homes passed (HP) counts and precise location data is critical when it comes to proving optimal use of investor or government funds. Enter remote fiber testing and monitoring (RFTM), a revolution in the way of proving the existence and quality of fiber circuits, HP counts and locations. This end-to-end test, performed from a central test head to a reflector geolocated by a technician's smartphone, leaves no room for deception, making RFTM the ultimate tool for transparent fiber deployments.

Demonstrate the availability and quality of fiber circuits 

rftm blog demonstrate availability quality fiber circuits

RFTM's end-to-end testing methodology is foolproof. Using a central test head and a temporary reflector, the existence and quality of each fiber circuit is verified with unequalled accuracy. This process leaves no room for speculation or inaccuracy, providing a level of certainty that manual methods simply cannot match. 

Trusted home passed counts 

With RFTM, operators can confidently report HP counts in real time. The geolocation-enabled test, triggered by a technician's smartphone from a subscriber-side terminal, ensures that the count is not only accurate, but verifiable. This eliminates any ambiguity around HP counts and provides a solid basis for reporting to all stakeholders.

Fiber endpoint geolocation 

RFTM's geolocation of the tested terminal is an immense improvement on network asset management accuracy. By leveraging the position of the technician's smartphone where the reflector is installed for testing, the exact location of the terminal and associated HPs is captured. This level of accuracy is invaluable for transparent reporting, especially when meticulous accounting is required.

Automated data collection 

One of the outstanding features of RFTM is its automated data collection by design. This eliminates the need for manual reconciliation, significantly speeding up the process and eliminating the risk of human error. The collected data is seamlessly integrated with unique asset identifiers into a digital twin of the planned asset, providing a comprehensive view of progress.

Contextual progress tracking 

RFTM provides both high-level and micro-level progress tracking. Operators can measure overall and localized progress rates, while also assessing the readiness to monetize specific neighborhoods. This contextual data enables operators to make informed decisions that optimize the rollout process and forecast.  

The bottom line 

When it comes to fiber deployments, accountability is non-negotiable. RFTM's cutting-edge technology ensures that every claimed fiber circuit, the number of homes passed and their location is indisputable and seamlessly available. By automating data collection, ensuring accuracy through geolocation, and providing contextual progress tracking, RFTM sets a new standard for transparency in fiber deployment. Whether accounting for public funds or private investment, RFTM is the definitive tool for operators seeking unparalleled accountability in their fiber deployment efforts.

Remote Fiber Testing and Monitoring

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