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Test Access Module Kit -

Combines with the FG-750 or RTU-2 as part Nova Fiber remote fiber testing system.

Key features

Combines OTDR wavelength(s) 1625 and/or 1650 nm with OLT/ONT/Tx/Rx traffic signals up to 1614 nm
24-channel WDM kit
Dense construction, only 1U height, less than 300 mm deep
SC-APC front access ports, left to OLTs, right to network/ODN
Pigtailed at the rear for direct connection to test equipment, saving one jumper and one connection–3 m long
Rear pigtail models for SC, LC, 12-fiber MTPs and 8-fiber MPOs


TAM couples OTDR to line

Test access module (TAM) is the common and standard name given to a fiber-optic coupling element, which is used in remote testing and monitoring applications to combine the OTDR signal with traffic.

The device used to perform this function is typically a coupler. Some are broadband-type, others are WDM-type or wavelength-division multiplexers, which are spectrally sensitive combiners.

24-WDM / (new) 48-WDM TAM kit

This kit allows 24-48 transmit/receive ports to be coupled with an OTDR test signal with the lowest loss possible, compared to other tapping techniques. These WDMs also isolate Tx/Rx circuits from any OTDR signal coming back from the network in excess of 30 dB.

MTP/MPO 48-channel fanout or patch panel (without WDM)

If you own EXFO test equipment or opt for an optical switch terminated with 12-fiber MTPs or 8-fiber MPOs, and need an SC-APC termination, EXFO also offers the same footprint and assembly, without the WDMs. Similarly to the TAM kits, 3 m-long multifiber pigtails at the rear can connect to the front/rear of the test equipment that is terminated with a multifiber connector. This is used to transfer from multifiber to single-fiber cabling, close to the test equipment.


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