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Nova Context - path computation

Calculates optimal network pathways according to customer-defined criteria (e.g., latency and equipment preference) to provide required information for service provisioning.

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Automate service delivery with real-time topology

New technologies combined with mergers and acquisitions increases network complexity, placing greater demand on network infrastructure—often exceeding its capabilities. Nova Context’s path computation automates service provisioning. It cross-links all silos and locates logical paths across multiple networks to improve service delivery and serve customers more efficiently.

Enable CSPs to dramatically increase the efficiency of planning and provisioning processes for improved customer experience

Optimized service delivery

Improved operational efficiency: better service fulfilment processes

Increased accuracy: correct path through infrastructure allows provisioning commands to get to the right end-point

Reduced service delivery costs: identifying “on-net resources” avoids unnecessary purchase of leased infrastructure or rollout of new infrastructure

Lower fallout rates: laying foundation for safe adoption of automation

Better customer experience: greater visibility and control translate into product and service excellence

Successful automated provisioning

In today’s rapidly transforming digital landscape, operators need a strategy that enables automated service delivery with real-time topology to keep up with industry innovations and customer expectations–this is what Nova Context’s path computation product module delivers.

Calculating paths that span multiple networks can be complicated, especially when equipment in play is varied. Using manual processes for this work is inefficient and prone to inaccuracies, relying on the subjective knowledge and experience of specific people with varying expertise, and prone to human error, to drive network pathway design.

Nova’s Context’s path computation module gets provisioning right the first time by using an automated, reliable topology reference to determine the most efficient network pathways to route traffic. Recommendations and provisioning commands are based on data sourced from Nova Context’s up-to-date representation of network dependencies—data that’s captured and maintained automatically, in real time.

Operators build fall-back plans into their budgets to purchase new resources or buy services from commercial partners, if required. Surprising, these funds may be used to buy categories of equipment that may already be in inventory, but due to lackluster equipment managing systems, are not accounted for.

Knowing exactly what’s in place in your network, and where, eliminates costly duplication of equipment and avoids the unnecessary purchase and management of new, unrequired hardware. Our path computation functionality uses Nova Context’s ability to combine accurate multiple inventory and data sources to make optimal usage of an operator’s existing infrastructure inventory when calculating pathways.

When operators work without either an automated process or a reliable reference, the resulting recommendations are unreliable and can lead to increased failures in the implementation phase. Failures are expensive and result in the urgent need for workarounds. To do that, operators need to spend time and resources to determine the location of inaccuracies in their inventory system databases by comparing that data against actual network inventories—an arduous, operationally-inefficient process.

Instead, path computation uses automation combined with Nova Context’s accurate, true representation of network inventory as a foundation to provision the most efficient workflows possible.

In the hyper-competitive communication marketplace, an operators’ brand is everything. And the strength of that brand is directly linked to quality of service and customer experience.

Nova Context’s path computation empowers teams to improve the provisioning process resulting in  product and service excellence. Operators can reduce the probability of service delays—confident that service-delivery promises made, will be promises kept.    

Key features

  • A single view into network resources
  • Reconciliation of network and inventory data
  • An orchestration controller providing automation across all major systems

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