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T200S - High-power continuously tunable laser

Faster and highly reliable testing for optical components, including photonic integrated circuits.

Optical spectral characterization—rapid, reliable and repeatable

A continuously tunable laser is an essential instrument in R&D labs and on production floors. It covers a variety of applications where rapid, continuous wavelength tuning is needed. The T200S delivers speed and high power while sweeping, in addition to excellent linewidth at fixed wavelength.

Integrated photonics can include complex optical components with high-contrast spectrum. For instance, a ring resonator may have very sharp features making it difficult to characterize insertion loss. In addition to insertion loss, some devices require extended measurements of return loss or polarization dependent loss, with the same level of precision. Finally, simultaneous testing of many devices or outputs from one single device is also required to speed up PIC characterization. To test such devices, the T200S laser can be jointly operated with the CTP10, EXFO’s component testing platform. With high-resolution and high-accuracy spectral measurement, the CTP10 is an integrated solution that leverages the full potential of the T200S for operations at 200 nm/s sweep speed. The T200S is also compatible with the CT440, EXFO’s compact component tester operating at 100 nm/s.


Key features

Up to 200 nm/s scanning speed
10 dBm over tunable spectral range
Excellent SSSER
Wavelength coverage: O and CL bands
Wavelength tuning and continuous sweep modes
Active mode-hop-free operation


Passive optical components
Photonic integrated circuits
Multipurpose tunable laser for R&D

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