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T100S-HP - high-power continuously tunable laser

Most advanced and cost-effective solution for R&D and Manufacturing environments. Offers a signal to source spontaneous emission ratio higher than 90 dB.

Spec sheet (PDF) User manual (PDF)

All products T100S-HP - high-power continuously tunable laser
All products T100S-HP - high-power continuously tunable laser

Key features

  • Power ≥ +10 dBm for Essential models
  • Power ≥ +8 dBm for Extended Range models
  • Dynamic Range higher than 90 dB
  • Continuously tunable over up to 200 nm
  • Wavelength accuracy < ± 20 pm
  • Sweeping & Stepping operations


  • Fiber optic transmission testing
  • Passive optical component testing
  • Optical amplifier testing
  • Thin film growth monitoring
  • Optical alignment
  • Fiber optic sensors


The complete portfolio of the T100S-HP features 6 continuously tunable lasers to cover the entire wavelength range from 1240 to 1680 nm:

  • /O+ model: 1240-1380 nm 
  • /O model: 1260-1360 nm 
  • /ES model: 1350-1510 nm 
  • /SCL model: 1440-1640 nm 
  • /CL model: 1500-1630 nm 
  • /CLU model: 1500-1680 nm 

Drawing on the success of the trend-setting laser series TUNICS, the T100S-HP provides a combination of high power with low spontaneous emission, ideal for both swept and stepped applications:

The /O and /CL lasers have 10 dBm minimum output power and are dedicated to the main telecom applications.

The /O+, /ES, /SCL and /CLU lasers have 8 dBm minimum output power and the largest wavelength ranges available on the market, making it possible to cover the full telecom wavelength band from 1240 to 1680 nm at 8 dBm with just 3 lasers. This is done by combining the /O+, /ES and /CLU lasers.

T100S-HP - high-power continuously tunable laser

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