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FTBx-5245 5255 Lab - Optical spectrum analyzers for the lab

Highly accurate, easy-to-use intelligent optical spectrum analyzers (OSAs) for analysis of CWDM and DWDM networks.

Key features

Ideal for field and lab: compatible with FTB-2, FTB-2 Pro, FTB-4 Pro and LTB-8 platforms
Flexibility to analyze WDM, EDFA, drift, spectral transmittance and Fabry-Perot and DFB laser
Wide range of measurements (SMSR, FWHM spectral width, 20 dB linewidth)
One-button operation for easy setup and automatic measurement


The FTBx-5245/5255 is an easy-to-use OSA offering a wide range of measurement modes tailored to the needs of users working in R&D and manufacturing.

Powerful features

Laser analysis

Make sure that your transmitters are within specifications. With the DFB Laser Analysis feature, you can characterize a DFB laser source for central wavelength, peak power, bandwidth, SMSR, and much more.

Automatically characterize Fabry-Perot lasers for central wavelength, RMS width and full-width half-max (FWHM).

Accurate spectral transmittance

With the advent of larger spectral content through the implementation of 100G+ signals, knowing the bandwidth of a given filter is critical. The Spectral Transmittance software feature compares the filtered wavelength to the nominal one, showing insertion loss, channel isolation and bandwidth at different power levels.

OSNR measurements from 10G to 400G

The FTBx-5245/5255 family offers the most comprehensive set of OSNR measurement methods in the industry, from the IEC 61280-2-9 method for 10G signals, all the way up to IEC 61282-12 method for coherent signals, as well as in-service approaches for 100G+ signals on live networks.

All-in-one OSA covering all spectral testing applications

The new FTBx-5255 is the only OSA on the market to address all applications in a single module:

  • High-speed DWDM, with OSNR measurements from 10G to 400G, including In-service Pol-Mux OSNR
  • CWDM spectral analysis
  • Spectral analysis of pluggable transceivers (CFP, XFP, etc.) on the O-band, 1300 nm region, as well as L-band transceivers

SCPI commands

It is possible to control the OSA remotely with SCPI commands for the WDM, Fabry-Perot, DFB and spectral transmittance modes.


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