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PXM/LXM - MPO optical loss test set (OLTS)

Tier-1 MPO-12 fiber certification power meter and light source kit with fastest loss and length measurement based on certification standards for single or multimode fibers..

Spec sheet (PDF) User manual (PDF)

All products PXM/LXM - MPO optical loss test set (OLTS)
All products PXM/LXM - MPO optical loss test set (OLTS)

Faster-than-ever MPO testing

The PXM/LXM combo is an MPO tester designed to efficiently certify a large number of MPO links for single or multimode fibers. It tests MPO-12 fibers at 2 wavelengths in just 1 second, the fastest test time in the industry. The FasTesT™ feature provides loss per channel at the 2 selected wavelengths, as well as the length and polarity type of the link under test—all at the press of a button.

Pass/fail results all on one page

Find the most important results together on one screen! Complete jobs faster and transition to the next ones with confidence.

  • Global pass/fail status and pass/fail per fiber with length measurement
  • Insertion loss per wavelength
  • Polarity type (A, B, C or U) with graphical representation
  • Pass/fail on actual polarity type versus expected polarity type
  • Full details available on FasTesT results and fiber results page


Test faster. Test more.

Being the world’s n.1 provider of fiber optic test solutions means we build in features that make testing more intuitive and efficient. 

Large, hybrid contactless connector: PXM accommodates both APC and UPC connectors to support multimode and singlemode link testing. Large core detector allows the PXM to give precise measurements with low uncertainty.

Generate reports with FastReporter: PXM power meter measurements for power or loss can be processed directly by FastReporter.

Smartphone-grade touchscreen: PXM and LXM have integrated high‑quality capacitive color touchscreens designed to be visible in full sun or dark areas, from any angle.


Key features

  • Leading FasTesT™ performance: test MPO-12 fibers at 2 wavelengths in just 1 second
  • Dual wavelength on light source
  • Insertion loss measurement
  • Polarity type validation
  • Up to 25 km in length measurement
  • On-board certification standards with dynamic loss calculator


  • Data centers
  • Central offices
  • Headends

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PXM/LXM - MPO optical loss test set (OLTS)

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