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Refurbished products

Refurbished EXFO products are qualified and calibrated when purchased.

Why choose refurbished EXFO instruments over gray-market products?

  • All refurbished units are serviced and verified
  • All refurbished units (excluding Transport and Datacom products) are calibrated and certified to comply with EXFO's original specifications; calibration of Transport and Datacom refurbished demo products is available at extra cost
  • They come with a six-month or one-year warranty depending on the age of the instrument
  • They are available in various configuration
U.S. customers can now buy a limited selection of EXFO-certified refurbished products from EXFO's new online store.

Refurbished products list

The following list contains the available refurbished EXFO instruments. Demo equipment is offered on a first-come first-served basis. Availability and pricing are not guaranteed. Calibration of Transport & Datacom refurbished demos is available at an extra cost. For more information about refurbished EXFO instruments, contact our sales representatives.

EXFO # Product Available quantity
MA-4000-8-28-PAM-QSFPDD Module Analyzer 3
MA-OSFP OSFP Module Test Board 1
MA-QSFPDD QSFP-DD Module Test Board 3
MAX-5205-EA-VPM2X DWDM Channel checker 1
MAX-635G-GVXAA Copper/VDSL2/G.Fast Test Set 6
MAX-715B-M2-EA-RF-VPM2X MAXtesters OTDR 6
MAX-715B-M3-EA-RF-VPM2X MAXtesters OTDR 1
MAX-720C-Q1-EA-RF-VPM2X MAXtesters OTDR 2
MAX-720C-SM1-EA-RF-VPM2X MAXtesters OTDR 1
MAX-730C-SM2-OPM2-EA-VPM2X MAXtesters OTDR 6
MAX-730C-SM3-EA-RF-VPM2X MAXtesters OTDR 1
MAX-740C-DWOCC-EA-RF-VPM2X Optical wave Expert 3
MAX-860G-S1-RF MAXTester Multi-Service up to 10G 3
MAX-880-S1-RF MAXTester Multi-Service up to 10G 7
MAX-945-SM1-EA-RF Optical Loss Test Set 1
MAX-945-SM4-EA-RF-VFL Optical Loss Test Set 2
MAX-FIP-RF Intelligent Connector and Fiber Certifier 4
MCB-OSFP-O OSFP MCB with 1x8 O-SMPM Connectors 3
MOA-3800-04-BI-89 MEMS 4 Channel DPE Rackmount 2
MOA-3800-04-C-50 MEMS 4 Channel DPE Rackmount 1
MOA-3800-04-CI-50 MEMS 4 Channel DPE Rackmount 1
MOA-3800-08-C-50 MEMS 8 Channel DPE Rackmount 1
MXS-9100-08-08-B-89 MxN Matrix Optical Switches 1
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