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Preparing for 5G: EXFO and Telefónica test 400G network

Telefonica successfully tests 400 Gbit/s

In a recent press release, Telefónica announced the success of a trial transmission of 400 G/bit signals over its fiber optic network, doubling its network speed. The pilot is the Spanish Tier 1 operator’s response to the need for increased network reliability and capacity, triggered by today’s exponential growth of data traffic and connected devices. It is also an important milestone on the road to 5G, which will require high-capacity links to maintain top performance and service for customers.

The migration to 400G is a challenge for operators, as it brings a new layer of complexity, with different optical interfaces and multiple technology requirements (Flex-E, Flex-O).  The market is evolving quickly to keep the pace with increasing speeds and demand for capacity. System vendors and transceivers manufacturers are producing more and more optical interfaces and new technology to reach 400G and beyond. That’s why communications service providers are looking for solutions that allow them to successfully scale their networks and meet the needs of tomorrow. The Telefónica pilot confirms this trend and proves the availability of solutions that stand up to the tests. We are seeing more and more customers beginning to roll-out higher speed equipment, networks and services following 400G + lab trials.

Through its partner Melcox, EXFO provided the test and measurement equipment for the trial: FTBx-88460 multiservice test module, FTB-4 platform and QSFP-DD transceiver. The solutions, which are designed specifically to adapt to the myriad of interfaces and match the ever-increasing speeds on the market, allowed Telefónica to measure and monitor the network’s 400G links and hardware and ensure overall network performance.

“Telefónica has long been using EXFO’s test and measurement equipment to maintain network performance,” said Alejandro Fernández, Business Development Manager at Melcox, EXFO’s Platinum Certified Service Center in Spain. “EXFO has solutions that are easy to configure and ship quickly worldwide. This made all the difference when it came to selecting the trial equipment.” 

You can learn more about EXFO test solutions for 5G and high-speed solutions here