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Testing polarization mode dispersion (PMD)

This course provides an overview of general dispersion phenomena occurring in fiber-optic communications, and the problems caused by polarization mode dispersion (PMD). It also shows how to test dispersion with EXFO’s PMD analyzer.

1 day On-site
Tous les cours Testing polarization mode dispersion (PMD)
Tous les cours Testing polarization mode dispersion (PMD)


  • Dispersion phenomena
  • Basic principles of PMD
  • Causes of PMD in the fiber
  • Effects of PMD on the fiber
  • Different types of dispersion
  • First-order vs. second-order PMD
  • EXFO’s PMD measurement method
  • PMD measurements using EXFO’s PMD analyzer
  • Result analysis using pass/fail thresholds



The first part of this course consists of lectures using PowerPoint presentations and demonstrations, while the second part provides practical training with hands-on PMD testing exercises. The course also covers total PMD measurement, coefficient calculation, pass/fail result analysis using thresholds, and result interpretation.


Attendees will receive a binder containing copies of presentations and other handouts.

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