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March 2023 releases notes

FTBx-88480: the most powerful 400G field test solution is now available!

FTB/LTB series
New feature

FTBx-88480 is now available!

Users can run multiple applications at 400G and 200G: EtherBERT (including dual port layer 2), RFC 2544, EtherSAM Y.1564, TGEN, Smart Loopback. Lower rates coming soon!

Coherent link tests with support of 400ZR and 400G OpenZR+.

Available for:
Product improvement

Multisource MAC address configuration

EtherSAM Y.1564 and TGEN now allow users to set different source MAC addresses when performing layer 2 testing

Product improvement

Test results integrated into EXFO Exchange environment

Tests results and test reports (EtherBERT, iOptics, CPRI and eCPRI) can be uploaded into EXFO Exchange cloud platform. Reports in pdf and JSON formats also available in Exchange