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January 2023 releases notes

Extending hold-over and OpenROADM support on EXFO solutions

FTB/LTB series
New feature

Support of OpenROADM standard with CFP2-DCO transceivers with the FTBx-88460

Users can now test 400G bulk client transmission with CFP2-DCO transceivers based on OpenROADM standard.

Product improvement

RFC 6349 Maximum TCP throughput mode

Stateful TCP layer 4 validation with maximum TCP throughput results, including speedometers and several new statistics.

New feature

Hold-over support in several applications at 25GE and 100GE

Field technicians that cannot access a GPS signal can now set the FTBx-88260 in hold-over mode.

New feature

EtherSAM at 25GE

EXFO’s EtherSAM Y.1564 now offers service level agreement (SLA) measurements at 25GE

Product improvement

Wander measurements at 25GE

The FTBx-88260 goes one step further and offers wander capabilities at 25G.

Product improvement

Support for CPRI and eCPRI test reports in JSON format

Test reports can now be saved in JSON (in addition to PDF and HTML) after execution of a CPRI and eCPRI BERT test.