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September 2022 Release notes

Support for CFP2-DCO in our 400G solution plus hold-over capabilities on the FTBx-88260

FTB/LTB series

New feature

Support for CFP2-DCO transceivers on the FTBx-88460

Users can now test coherent links with CFP2-DCO transceivers using 400ZR and OpenZR+ clients

New feature

Hold-over support in several applications at 1GE and 10GE

Field technicians who do not have access to a GPS signal can now set the FTBx-88260 to hold-over mode

New feature

Maximum TCP-throughput measurements within RFC 6349

New TCP-throughput DTS mode to obtain maximum throughput measurements at layer 4

Product improvement

RFC 6349 extended to support 25GE

Stateful TCP layer 4 validation at 25GE is now available on the FTBx-88260

Product improvement

Time Error measurements at 25GE with the G.8275.1 profile

The FTBx-88260 goes one step further and offers additional Time Error capabilities at 25GE

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