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June 2021 Release notes

New features for testing 5G and high-speed networks

FTB/LTB series

New feature

1G to 400G Ethernet capabilities available on the FTBx-88460

Extended Ethernet testing on the FTBx-88460 with EtherBERT, RFC 2544 and Smart Loopback at 1G, 10G, 40G and 100G, including dual port capabilities

New feature

iPerf server mode available with the RFC 6349 test application

Within the RFC 6349 application, the test solutions can now be configured in iPerf server mode up to 10G

New feature

Packet-based Time Error

This feature provides the ability to validate 1588v2 PTP accuracy by measuring the time error (TE) directly from 1GE or 10GE optical interfaces

New feature

FlexE capabilities and Path OAM with the FTBx-88260

Provides troubleshooting and monitoring functionalities in lab and field environments, including connectivity verification and bidirectional delay measurement

Product improvement

Support of bidirectional SFP/SFP+ within iOptics

Users can now take advantage of the best and most popular transceiver validation tool in the industry to validate bidirectional SFP and SFP+ with iOptics

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