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April 2022 Release notes

FastReporter - version 3.8

EXFO Ecosystem

Product improvement

Basic mode enhancements

From basic to advanced functionalities, FastReporter covers all your optical measurement post-processing needs. Users can now process up to 24 measurements at a time in basic (free) mode (vs. one at a time in previous releases*).

*Except for OTDR-type measurements which support an unlimited number of measurements with basic functionalities.

Product improvement

iOLM - create custom elements based on ‘unbalanced splitters’ type

Improved manual post-processing support for unbalanced splitter networks, including:

  • unbalanced splitter merging and unmerging
  • custom unbalanced splitters
  • editable unbalanced splitters

CSV import/export for customizable definition of unbalanced splitter topologies for faster test configuration definition.

Product improvement

Improvements of iOLM bidir thresholds support and reporting

Improvements to show AB and BA measurement details as well as indication in reports when elements have been detected in one direction only.

Unidirectional thresholds are applied on the worst direction.

Status set as ‘’Fail’’ as soon as one value (unidirectional or bidirectional) fails.

Product improvement

Improvement to auto-increment feature

With the auto-increment feature it is now possible to increment the different identifiers (up to 5) independently instead of sequential.

Product improvement

General improvements in multilingual mode

Support for new features in multilingual mode

Product improvement

New OS support

Support for Windows 11

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