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Why EXFO’s iORF is critical in 5G networks

Hosted by

Danny Sleiman

Product Line Manager

Danny currently holds the position of Product Line Manager for EXFO’s 5G Transport and RF division, with responsibility for supporting service providers worldwide throughout their network test and measurement activities. His area of expertise spans mobile fronthaul and backhaul technologies including CPRI/eCPRI, Cloud RAN, and Ethernet/IP. Danny has previously worked as a hardware engineer for Extenway Solutions. He also gathered technical insight as a support services representative for IBM. Danny received his bachelor degree in electrical engineering from École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS), Montreal, Canada.

In order to successfully deliver 5G services, service providers must ensure proper radio frequency (RF) signal quality throughout their networks. To maintain high RF-signal quality, interference-causing sources on the 4G network must be quickly and easily identified. But why is 5G so heavily dependent on 4G network architecture in the first place? And how can RF-signal problems be easily found and solved?

Join us for this training workshop where we’ll discuss the relationship between 4G and 5G networks as well as provide an overview of EXFO’s Intelligent OpticalRF (iORF).

An intelligent solution for RF spectrum analysis over CPRI, iORF enables operators to remove the complexity from RF interference and PIM analysis, putting the power back in the hands of field technicians, regardless of the depth of their experience–and enabling mobile network operators to save time and money in diagnosing RF interference issues.

Key topics for discussion during this webinar:

  • How does RF interference affect your network
  • What role does radio frequency (RF) spectrum analysis over CPRI play in a 5G world
  • Learn how RF spectrum analysis over CPRI can be easy and automated with EXFO's iORF

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