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Protect customer base and maximize revenues in telecoms

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Eric Van Haetsdaele

Business Development Manager

Eric Van Haetsdaele has 20+ years of experience in IT and telecom companies. As Business Developer of EXFO’s Data Science & Advanced Use Cases PU (Product Unit), he is helping wireless operators use customer insights from Network to automate Operations in Technical & Marketing based on AI, while developing a better and individualized understanding of customer behavior to issue differentiated offers and monetize this data goldmine.

Prior to joining Astellia, Eric held different executive pre- and post-sell positions at Alcatel-Lucent and Nortel. Eric holds a DEA Communication Systems degree from the Paris UMLV University and a Master degree from ESIEE.

Pamela Birungi

Technology Strategy and Performance senior manager with Zain Group

Pamela is a telecom professional with 15 years of experience working with mobile networks. Currently working as Technology Strategy and Performance senior manager with Zain Group a role in which she is responsible for the development of Technology Strategy and Roadmap of the Group, Service Quality Management and Network Customer Analytics solutions and blueprints. 

Over the years Pamela has worked in Radio planning and optimization, Core network operations, but mainly  in Network Quality and Performance. Lately Pamela mainly works with analyzing and reporting on service quality, customer experience and usage data and creating Use cases that generate business value from network Data and improve customer experience. 

The big question facing communication service providers today is where to find real opportunities for value creation. While the pressure is on to keep the pace with the latest technical innovations (such as 5G), greater investment in customer experience management might be the key to CSPs successfully establishing themselves as market leaders in customer satisfaction. An increased emphasis on customer experience initiatives will enable operators to grow their subscriber base while minimizing churn and creating a more predictable revenue stream to fund the growth of their business. By offering compelling user experiences where every interaction is personalized, fast and user friendly—and simultaneously providing adapted bespoke offers—operators will be able to differentiate themselves from their competitors by better meeting the needs of their customers.

Zain and EXFO will demonstrate how to leverage AI and machine learning to prioritize customer experience and thereby protect and generate revenue streams. To do so, we will examine several compelling use cases addressing the following topics:

  • Data service acceleration – In a highly competitive landscape, Zain Group launched new 4G data services and was eager to achieve greater differentiation to gain market share. Zain called upon the expertise of EXFO to accelerate new service adoption and revenues by ensuring fast access to vibrant digital content and the best quality of experience to its customers.
  • Churn prediction – By using a unique machine learning predictive model, which works with variables from the network on top of traditional CRM variables, it is possible to identify the behaviors of customers, then act accordingly to better serve their needs and retain them.
  • Fraud prediction – Effective investigation of SIM Box fraud protects against significant financial losses and compromised quality of experience for customers.
  • Customer insight and segmentation – The best route to subscriber centers of interests is through the categorization and segmentation of web traffic to increase customer lifetime value. In addition, predictive analytics helps to increase knowledge and understanding of customer behavior so that operators can provide them with optimum offers from which they can derive the most value.

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