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Monetizing 5G: laying the foundation with network slicing and FlexE

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François Marcotte

Subject Matter Expert

François Marcotte is a Senior member of technical staff and Subject Matter Expert at EXFO. With 30+ years in the telecom industry, he started as a repair tech for DMS-100 systems. Over the years, François has acquired expert knowledge on Ethernet, IP, OTN and high speed optical technologies. He is continuously working with customers as a technical advisor for testing high speed systems and troubleshooting 5G performance. François is involved with product definition and guidance at EXFO for Ethernet and optical transport solutions. He regularly contributes as a speaker in various seminars and webinars. François graduated in electrical engineering from Polytechnique Montreal.

The 5G network architecture requires slicing to efficiently deliver various services within a single network. Each slice will use some of the network’s shared resources to deliver a specific service with a specific service-level agreement (SLA) to specific devices. Different slices will be required for low latency, maximum throughput and massive IOT services, just to name a few.

In addition, FlexE (flexible Ethernet) can be implemented to achieve low latency slicing and assign the necessary dynamic bandwidth required for certain applications like live sporting events. The FlexE technology will adjust service bandwidth based on data usage and speed requirements without over-provisioning the network. FlexE bandwidth connectivity can be scaled up or down, as per service requirements.

In this webinar, we will cover 5G network slicing concepts, the basics of FlexE technology and how you can monetize your 5G network, slice by slice.

Key takeaways:

  • Overview of network slicing
  • Understanding FlexE technology
  • Role of FlexE in efficient network slicing

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