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How to efficiently identify and mitigate external PIM: a webinar featuring ConcealFab, Kaelus and EXFO

Hosted by

Danny Sleiman

Product Line Manager

Danny currently holds the position of Product Line Manager for EXFO’s 5G Transport and RF division, with responsibility for supporting service providers worldwide throughout their network test and measurement activities. His area of expertise spans mobile fronthaul and backhaul technologies including CPRI/eCPRI, Cloud RAN, and Ethernet/IP. Danny has previously worked as a hardware engineer for Extenway Solutions. He also gathered technical insight as a support services representative for IBM. Danny received his bachelor degree in electrical engineering from École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS), Montreal, Canada.

Tom Bell

Senior Director, Interference Product @ConcealFab

Tom Bell is the Sr. Director of Interference Products at ConcealFab Inc., a Valmont company, where he leads a team to develop solutions to mitigate external passive intermodulation at cell sites. Prior to joining ConcealFab, Tom spent six years working in the PIM test equipment industry as a product manager and 15 years in the base station antenna manufacturing industry in a variety of roles including sales, marketing, operations management, and engineering management. Tom has been an active participant in TC 46, WG 6 since 2013.

Humberto Sepulveda

Senior Application Engineer @Kaelus

With more than 25 years of experience in the telecom industry, Humberto Sepulveda has developed expertise in RF testing in the field, antenna pattern testing, both Far Field and Near Field, Network analyzers and PIM equipment as well as global manufacturing of base station antennas. In his current role as Senior Application Engineer at Kaelus, he also provides training and certifications on PIM theory and equipment use.

Humberto holds an associate's degree in Applied Science-Electronics from Hallmark Institute of Technology and certificates from professional development courses at Georgia Tech University.

You are invited to join this collaborative webinar that focuses on the efficient detection and elimination of passive intermodulation (PIM) in wireless networks.

The objective of this 1-hour session is to educate and inform participants about PIM's negative impact on site performance and introduce effective strategies for mitigation.

Key topics for discussion:

  • Overview of external PIM interference, its causes and impact on wireless systems
  • Proven techniques to locate and mitigate external PIM at cell sites
  • Demystifying PIM hunting: finding external PIM with specialized tools and methodologies
  • Improved and innovative processes designed to simplify the identification of PIM issues

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