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Deadly sins and best practices for 4G/5G network operations

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Dr. Konstantinos Stavropoulos

Solution Marketing Lead

Dr. Konstantinos Stavropoulos develops and executes the marketing strategy for EXFO's mobile network (access, core, end-to-end) monitoring/optimization solutions, which include intelligent software platforms and expert professional services. His main areas of focus are 5G, 4G evolution, network virtualization/transformation, analytics, and automation. In addition to EXFO’s 5G solutions and market positioning, he actively contributes to the promotion of EXFO’s solutions for automated operations and fiber monitoring.

Konstantinos has been focusing on mobile networks for more than 20 years, through academic and professional roles. His experience covers diverse areas, from antenna array systems research and mobile network planning/optimization consultancy to the development/management/marketing of innovative software solutions. These solutions have supported automated planning/optimization, customer experience geolocation, device interoperability and acceptance testing, service assurance for physical/virtual networks, centralized and automated operations, and (big data) analytics. Konstantinos holds a PhD in electrical and electronic engineering from Imperial College London, has presented at dozens of conferences and webinars, and has authored several articles, blogs and white papers on mobile networks.

Mobile network operations: a crucial and challenging area for any mobile or converged network. With a direct link to customer experience and network expenditure/ROI, it is not surprising that this area has attracted significant interest.

From end-to-end network performance and service quality visibility to network virtualization and automated assurance, operational topics have been the focus of many discussions about mobile networks in recent years.

But no interesting topic should turn our attention away from flawed management attitudes that have impacted on the performance of 4G network operations teams. If overlooked, these attitudes may also negatively affect the success of 5G. Fortunately, it is possible to identify what should be avoided and to outline the norm in network operations.

Attend this webinar and learn about:

  • The essential and evolving role of network operations in 4G/5G
  • Seven detrimental attitudes (sins) that impact on 4G network operations and could also affect 5G
  • Key proven ways (best practices) to enhance mobile network operations today

This webinar is based on the EXFO service assurance experience with leading mobile network operators worldwide. Join us for a lively discussion on an exciting topic, and take the opportunity to ask questions during the Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

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