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Automating test and measurement processes—at the heart of optimizing efficiency

Anabel Alarcon

Product Specialist

Anabel Alarcon brings to EXFO ten years of experience on networking troubleshooting for IP, MPLS and mobile backhaul technologies, her background allowed her to be part of the support team on the most important network manufacturers on the market. Supporting different services provider’s networks across Latin America, participating on product introduction and infrastructure implementation, also becoming account dedicated engineer for the most important service provider in Mexico.

As networks evolve to 5G, automation is becoming a much talked about topic. But how does automation come into play in the context of validating transceivers, supporting service activation and qualifying network elements, in both the lab and field environments?

This webinar will help you understand the benefits of automation, more specifically, how it empowers technicians—both in the lab and in the field—to close out their day-to-day tasks with speed and accuracy.

Key takeaways:

  • Why it’s important to automate repetitive and complex tasks
  • What are the proper steps to automate testing processes
  • How to automate the most basic to the more complex testing features using EXFO test equipment

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