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Nova Geolytics: multi-dimensional, geo-located, subscriber-centric analytics for 3G/4G/5G mobile RAN

Part of EXFO’s Nova RAN suite, Nova Geolytics provides operators with precise insight into radio coverage, subscriber connectivity, mobility and location that scales from cell site to nationwide visibility in seconds.

Nova Geolytics’ fast geo-analytics deliver precise, contextual insight into network usage, customer experience and radio performance down to the cell level. Nova Geolytics’ multi-dimensional analytics reveals the origin of complex, interrelated RF, network and device issues.

In this video, we examine how Nova Geolytics enables an analyst to take rich geo-located cell and subscriber data and display it on a map to generate new insight.

We see how to create and use analysis layers to focus on a specific aspect of network performance. Analysis layers require a specific radio access technology (RAT), timespan and a filter. A filter can be based on the network, indoor or outdoor coverage, or roaming, among other choices. Multiple filters can run concurrently. With the filter in place, we now select the metric that we want to report on. This causes the map to populate with geo-located data. Following that, we can draw polygons on the map to highlight specific areas for analysis. Nova Geolytics automatically aggregates all the subscribers’ call data for the specifically selected areas.

Nova Geolytics also offers custom reports that can be displayed in table format or as XY charts.