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EXFO’s FTB-Pro Platform

Welcome to a NetBlazer 100G Tech Corner. My name is Marcos Vasconcellos, Product Specialist for EXFO’s Transport and Datacom Business Unit. In today’s NetBlazer100G Tech Corner, I’ll be showing you the benefits of choosing EXFO’s FTB-1 Pro platform as your testing platform of choice. Let’s take a look at the FTB-890NGE test set – a 64K to 100Gig high speed tester residing on the FTB-1 Pro platform. First off, you’ll notice that the platform is equipped with a wide touchscreen and a very user friendly interface. It runs on Windows 8.1 Pro operating system. It’s really like using a PC, so little training is required before you are up and running. You can bring along your own apps—install what you need, SKYPE, MS Office, any cloud-based applications and even remote connection tools like TeamViewer—whatever is relevant for your technicians, GO PRO Sharing of files and results as well as connectivity to external devices is very simple and there are many options. Connect to printers, cameras, keyboards, mice and more Share files via USB port, Gigabit Ethernet port, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Communicate with e-mail and over-the-top (OTT) apps The FTB-1 Pro platform’s high processing power means a faster boot-up time, so you can start testing quickly. Switching time between applications is fast and you’ll have the ability to send the unit into hibernation or sleep modes to save battery power. In fact, all the features, interfaces, GUI design, weight of the unit---all of it -- was designed based on the expertise we’ve gained by being out in the field with technicians and back at the NOC with operators to learn first-hand about how they do their jobs and which features are important for them to work better, faster and more efficiently. Before we end, in case you are wondering what all these interfaces do, take a look at the Tech Corner called the NetBlazer 100G Overview where we take a look at them in more detail. Thank you.