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A Unique, Non-Intrusive Way to Detect Live Fibers

Vincent Racine

Product Line Manager, Optical Business Unit, EXFO

Vincent Racine cumulates over 10 years of experience in fiber-optic testing. Namely, he actively participated in the early phases of worldwide FTTH technology deployment, contributing his expertise to seminars, field trials and test instrument customization. He is responsible for EXFO’s optical portable test-instrument portfolio, including automated loss and optical-return loss testers, PON power meters, as well as fiber inspection probes commonly used in FTTx deployments. Vincent holds a degree in telecommunications, and has been with EXFO since 1999.

Discover how EXFO experts developed a customized solution jointly with AT&T Labs. FiberFinder is a patented solution, ideal in helping operators maintain impeccable QoS and QoE as per theirSLAs: 100% accurate fiber detection, zero transmission disturbance, easy everyday application. Learn more about live fiber detection with the FiberFinder

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