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Fibre Channel BER Testing—1x-16x on the Same Module

Hi, my name is Marcos Vasconcellos, Product Specialist for EXFO’s Transport and Datacom Business Unit. Welcome to the NetBlazer 100Gig Tech Corner where we take a more detailed look at important technologies and unique time-saving features of our NetBlazer Series of testers. Today we’re looking at EXFO’s 16x Fibre Channel Bit Error Rate testing capability, which I’ll be demonstrating on the NetBlazer FTB-890, our portable 10M to 100Gig high speed tester. It’s the perfect choice for field testing of multiple speeds and technologies in metro networks. With this feature, we can perform Fibre Channel Bit Error Rate Testing from 1x all the way to 16x, all on the same module. An important point to mention here is that EXFO is one of the few vendors supporting all these rates—so 1x to 16x and 100 Gig—on a single module. A very valuable and cost-saving feature —eliminating the need for operators to buy a second tester for Fibre Channel 16x. The Fibre Channel test process is simple: Choose the modify structure button, Select the interface rate that you want to test at — in this example I’m choosing 16x. Insert the SFP+ transceiver. Now, we can easily run the test. Simple, fast, efficient — all on the same tester. So thanks for taking some time to see firsthand how quick and easy it is to run a Fibre Channel test – 1x all the way to 16x – all on one EXFO test set. Be sure to take a look at our other NetBlazer 100Gig Tech Corner capsules. Thank-you.