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Product demos

Browse our library of demo videos for a first-hand look at EXFO's products and solutions in action.

Automated Bidirectional iOLM with iLOOP Demo video

iOLM automated bidirectional

Automated bidirectional testing with iOLM

800G ETC interoperability demo by Microchip and EXFO

Fiber build and provision with EXFO remote fiber testing and monitoring (RFTM)

EXFO FIP-500: How to perform a duplex inspection

Test your network using the EXFO FTBx-88480

Future-proof your network testing equipment: the EXFO FTBx-88480

Test multiple ports at the same time on the EXFO FTBx-88480

Update your EXFO FTBx-88480

Monetize your network sooner with EXFO’s FTTx Build and Connect

Monetize your network sooner with EXFO’s FTTx Build and Connect

Restore Service Faster: Remote Fiber Testing and Monitoring (RFTM)

Evolv™ Terminal FIP-400B Inspection EXFO

FIP-430B Dedicated Solution

Desplegar redes 5G de alta calidad con el equipo de prueba EXFO 5G PRO

EXFO iOptics

Como analizar señales coherentes en servicio

Configuración de una prueba desbalanceada iOLM

FIP-500 - interface tour

EA-4000: ultra-fast electrical/optical sampling scope

800G bit-error-rate testing enhanced with FEC capabilities

Leading-edge BER testing up to 800G

See the 5GPro Spectrum Analyzer in action!

Putting EXFO’s new iOLM Fast Short Link feature to the test

Critical QoS and QoE insight into OTT video performance

An overview of the FIP-500 fiber inspection scope

Nova Geolytics: multi-dimensional, geo-located, subscriber-centric analytics for 3G/4G/5G mobile RAN

The new FIP-500 inspection scope: see it in action!

EXFO's CTP10: Overview of the GUI for swept IL-PDL measurements

Ensure your 5G deployment is done right―the first time

OSA20 - The most advanced optical spectrum analyzer for R&D and manufacturing

FTBx-5243-HWA - A disruptive OSA solution for optimizing the manufacturing process of transceivers

Optical Explorer: Overview of the industry's first optical fiber multimeter (OFM)

Commissioning process—the TestFlow way!

An overview of EXFO Optics product portfolio

Is your optical component testing future-proof?

Demo of Open Transceiver System (OTS) and 400G solutions

Inspecting Multifiber Ferrules with EXFO’s ConnectorMax probes

Meet the EX1! Simple. Multipurpose. Carrier-grade. Open.

Introducing EXFO's EtherBERT

Introducing EXFO's iOptics

Meet our 400G test solution, the FTBx-88400NGE

Supporting 10G PON over GPON

FTTH Multiport Terminal Inspection made easy

Meet the only PON-aware power meter

Mix, map and test—the EXFO way

EXFO’S FTB-4 Pro platform

iSAM is here!

Testing made easy with EXFO’s iOLM

Validating Ethernet services with iSAM

Get the whole picture with iOLM!

Hands-free fiber inspection with the FIP-435B

Small module… big testing capacities

Overcoming next-gen PON test challenges

Mix, map and test—the EXFO way

EXFO Mobile Agent

EXFO Multilink demo

FTTN VDSL2 Vectoring – Multi-Vendor Demo

Your 10G Test Solution. Compact. Complete. Simple.

Unique Advantages of Single-Ended Dispersion Testing

Two Smart Tests to Pinpoint Copper Faults

The Max-715B in a Nutshell

Testing singlemode MPO and MTP cables?

Test Up to 100G. The Industry’s Most Compact Solution

Simple, Intuitive Optical Spectrum Analysis

Multifiber connector inspection the EXFO way

Meet the MAX-635G!

MaxTester 635: Single-pair and Bonded DSL Testing

MaxTester 635: Copper, DSL and Multiplay Test Set


Improved testing at your fingertips—with the MAX-945 OLTS

iOLM – Turn All Your Techs into Experts

Introduction to the leading line of handheld OTDRs: the MaxTester 700B Series

iLOOP – iOLM’s new Loopback Mode

iCert – Fiber Optic Cable Certification Made Easy

Halve Test Time with Loopback Mode


Full demo of EXFO’s new Wireless Fiber Inspection Probe – the FIP-435B

Understanding Fiber Network Surveillance Dark Fiber

A Unique, Non-Intrusive Way to Detect Live Fibers

EXFO Xtract Overview

EXFO Xtract - Live Demo at MWC2015

EXFO’s FTB-Pro Platform

Fiber Connector Certification Challenge

Fiber Guardian: The Out-of-the-Box Solution

Fibre Channel BER Testing—1x-16x on the Same Module

Restore the Order: FIP-435B Wireless Probe

The First Tablet-Inspired OTDR

Fronthaul to Backhaul Field Testing

FTB Ecosystem

FTB Ecosystem Multitasking

FTB OnDemand: Time-Based Software Licenses

New Handheld 10 MBit/s to 10 GBit/s Ethernet Testing Solution

FTTx PON-Optimized OTDRs

Going Live with VoLTE?

Intelligent Platforms: FTB-200 Upgrade and the All-New FTB-1

Introducing the FTB-88100NGE Power Blazer

Introducing the WDM Investigator


Loopback Test Method: Save Half on Your Testing Time

Make the most of WebRTC

NetBlazer 100G Overview

NetBlazer 2.0

No More Tip Swapping!

Save Your Customers from the Outage Apocalypse

So you think fiber inspection is a hassle?

The EXFO Vision Solution—Service Assurance

The Connected EXFO Experience (2:30)

TravelHawk Pro IP Statistics

TravelHawk Pro Troubleshooting

VoLTE Analysis with TravelHawk Pro

TravelHawk Pro 90-Second How-to-Start

VoLTE Apocalypse

Testing VoLTE? Choose Wisely.

WebRTC Fiesta

Head-to-Head: OTDR vs. iOLM

100G Brings A New World of Testing Challenges

40G Networks and Testing Considerations

40/100G Deployment: When to Test

40Gbps Challenges

Advanced Modulation Schemes

Analytics and Reporting for Multiple Levels of the Organization

Assessing Ethernet-Based Services throughout the Network Lifecycle

Being on Top of the World

Best Practices for Network Service Providers

Challenges That Come with Assessing Ethernet-Based Services

Changing DSL Test Environment

Characterization of Complex Modulation Schemes

Cloud Testing — Part 1

Cloud Testing — Part 2

Developing Reliable and Competitive IMS Products and Services

FTTH from Greenfields to MDUs

How Assuring Carrier Ethernet Is Different

Introducing the first Pol-Mux OSA for coherent systems

Key Drivers, Challenges and Solution for 100G Deployment

Key Trends in Service Quality Management

Making Sense of IP Video Metrics

Migration of Wireless Backhaul Infrastructure Challenges

Monetizing Standards: The Cost Benefits of Open Systems

Optical vs. Electrical Sampling

Quality Monitoring: Standards and Leveraging User Equipment

Redefining WDM Testing and Network Optimization — Part I

Redefining WDM Testing and Network Optimization — Part II

RGUs, Quad-Play and Assuring the Bundle

ROADM Validation and 40G Commissioning Issues

Secure IMS and VoIP Networks

Service Turn-Up Challenges

Small Cells Challenges

SmartR Interview

Successful Migration from ADSL to VDSL2 Services

Tapping into the IPTV Opportunity

The Key to Backhaul Performance: Ethernet Testing and Monitoring

Transitioning from RF to Fiber: In-Building Wireless

Troubleshooting Your IP Video Network in 10 Seconds or Less

Introduction to the MaxTester 940 Fiber Certifier

OTDR—Built to Make a Difference

Why Carriers Migrate to IP Backhaul

Why SELT Makes Cents

Your Journey to Take Fiber to the Top

Manage Complexity while Remaining Agile

Manufacture Without Constraints

Move at the Speed of Market

Troubleshoot Customer Issues Easily

Innovation that Makes a Difference

TestFlow: A Field Test Automation Solution

Innovate on Tighter Budgets

Why Standards Matter in Service Assurance

10G Dual Port Testing

Automated Copper Pair Qualification

A Guide to OTN Multiplexing

Connector Inspection in One Step

Commissioning Assistant: an OSNR Time Saver

Demystifying OTDR-based Remote Fiber Testing and Monitoring

Cloud Testing

Alternate Text

100G Special Event: The 88100NGE Launch

EXFO Connect

Bluetooth Transfer

Ciena's Wavelogic 3 Launch Video: See How the PSO-200 Handles Dual-Polarization BPSK, QSPK and 16-QAM Signals

Discover the iOLM: Your Fiber Test Expert

EtherSAM: The New Standard in Ethernet Service Testing

Discover the MaxTester DSL: Product Overview

ConnectorMax: Key Building Blocks Hands-On

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