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10G Dual Port Testing

Marcos Vasconcellos

Product Line Manager

Telecom system engineer with more than 20 years of experience with significant international exposure.

In 2012, Marcos joined EXFO working within the System Verification Team covering a vast range of Transport and Datacom applications from 10M to 100G as well as all EXFO T&D platforms and modules. Since December 2014 he has been a member of the EXFO Product Line Management organization for the high speed solutions and applications: OTN, SONET/SDH, Ethernet applications (RFC2544, Y.1564, EBERT, etc.).

Prior to EXFO, Marcos held several telecom system positions within telecom product manufacturers and operators. The core of these activities was related to system verification, product acceptance and certification in the following technologies: NMS/SNMP systems, point-to-point microwave radios, fixed and mobile WiMAX devices, LTE devices, mobile phones and portable devices.

10G Dual-Port Testing Welcome to another NetBlazer 100Gig Tech Corner My name is Marcos Vasconcellos, Product Specialist for EXFO’s Transport and Datacom business unit. This short video capsule will give you a quick look at the 10Gig dual port testing capability available with the FTB-890NGE—EXFO’s small, portable 64K to 100Gig high speed tester. You’ll see, it’s very simple and a great example of how simplicity and ease of use are a cornerstone of our design philosophy. So let’s get started. Dual port testing is available for several applications: EtherBERT EtherSAM (or Y1564) RFC 2544 Traffic generation and monitoring, and CPRI Now let’s configure a dual port 10G test for EtherSAM. Here I’ll select: An EtherSAM test After clicking on the “modify structure” button we have a choice of either single port or dual port, In this case, I’ll choose dual port. And that’s it! Once you have completed those simple steps, your test set is ready to execute. Now, you’re done. Again the configuration is very easy and in no time you’re ready to test. To recap, you can run: Two tests simultaneously, on Two different ports and, The test-rates can be different on each one of these ports So lots of flexibility to test how you want and what you want. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about EXFO’s dual port testing feature. Make sure to take a look at our other NetBlazer 100G Tech Corner capsules.

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