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Published on January 16, 2015

Single-ended copper testing using far-end device

For almost two decades, you have been embracing the benefits of EXFO’s single-ended testing methodology for copper testing in comparison to solutions that were “dual-ended”, particularly with measurements such as attenuation (loss) and longitudinal balance. EXFO’s methodology for single-ended testing simply required an open circuit at the far end so that we could perform the necessary analysis during the measurement to provide you with the right result.

Measurements such as voltage, resistance, capacitance and Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) could always be performed from a single end, no matter the test set being used. These tests were never considered dual-ended. Our single-ended test methodology did not change how you carried out these measurements, but it did give you the necessary confidence as you performed these tests—job in, job out.

Fast forward to today as we discuss the use of a far-end device (FED) to be used for testing. You might be asking how this impacts EXFO’s single-ended testing methodology. The answer is quite simple: it is very much complementary.

The benefits of using an FED include reduction of on-job travel as well as reduction of out-of-service time for the end subscriber. Important requirement: use a FED that enables multiple line states. In jobs where a short circuit is not needed, or where the state of the line does not have to be anything but an open circuit, however, the FED is not a prerequisite, and EXFO’s single-ended test methodology remains the best solution.

If running troubleshooting tests such as resistance fault locator (RFL) or EXFO’s FaultMapper, amongst more basic tests such as foreign voltage detection, capacitance and TDR, then an FED improves workflow management by reducing transit time and subscriber downtime.

If the single-ended test methodology works for you, that’s great. If your methods and procedures require changing the states of the far end of the line, then take a look at the EXFO MaxTester coupled with the Teletech TS125 Remote FED. Your workforce will thank you.

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