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Published on March 30, 2015

Setting the stage for VoLTE

Many operators are in the process of evaluating and/or deploying VoLTE as this IP-based service promises to leverage the greater capacity of LTE to deliver high-quality voice and video conferencing, among other services. Voice and SMS services may be considered the cavemen of mobile applications by some, but they still represent cash cows for operators. That’s why it’s critical that the deployment of this long awaited technology is not impacted by poor quality of service (QoS) which would jeopardize the revenue-generating power of high-definition voice.

Should operators be worried? That depends…

Will customers experience the same quality of voice services as their operators’ legacy networks delivered? Can operators hit the return-on-investment (ROI) numbers they anticipated and handle the integration of VoLTE across their existing IP multimedia subsystems? All good questions that require answers. Those answers are dependent upon the ability of operators to test, monitor and assure services ahead and after commercial deployment. Download the Mobile Service Experience Management application note to learn how EXFO is helping operators do exactly that.

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