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Per-wavelength diagnostics for WDM networks

Despite advances in modulation formats and equipment management systems offered with monitoring tools, faults, issues, delays and errors still occur all too frequently in wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) networks. When this happens, the optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) is a tool of choice for identifying the issue, and helping to fix it.

However, as networks become more and more complex the number of potential causes for failure increases, making it extremely difficult to find the issue for a given failure—even with stellar OSA testing. Although OSA testing works well, it involves a certain level of knowledge, trial and error, and a certain number of truck rolls, time and unavoidable OPEX.

But what if, in addition to power, wavelength, optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) issues and fail, your OSA could give you an intelligent per-wavelength diagnostic of the most probable impairment affecting that particular channel? This extra intelligence would greatly help pinpoint the issue, in turn increasing efficiency and accelerating turn-up, repair and upgrade procedures.

EXFO’s WDM Investigator is your solution to acquiring rich testing data to significantly optimize your WDM network.

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