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Hopping into the network virtualization bandwagon

The telecoms industry is shifting towards the virtualization of network functions. Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is the term used for this new way of designing, deploying and managing networking services. NFV basically decouples network functions such as network address translation, firewalls, intrusion detection, domain name service, caching, etc., from the physical infrastructure. The appeal for service providers is in the massive induced savings in operating costs.

Network testing solutions are no exception to this trend. The recently launched EXFO TFv—Test Function Virtualization stands as the industry’s first suite of defined offerings focusing on test function virtualization. EXFO TFv offers all the benefits of virtualization through the seamless enablement of test functions on the test equipment fleet, at any time. This allows service providers to scale their testing requirements to their specific needs.

EXFO TFv regroups FTB Anywhere, the market-leading cloud-hosted solution for floating licenses and the newly available FTB OnDemand. With FTB OnDemand, customers can activate time-based software licenses that cover a wide array of test functionalities (such as 100G testing) to match their exact, time-specific needs.