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Maximizing fiber asset outcomes: digitization for rapid monetization and enhanced physical network management

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In the dynamic landscape of modern communication networks, the management of fiber assets holds the key to unlocking faster monetization, elevating subscriber experiences, reducing repair times, and minimizing operational expenses. This article delves into the transformative journey of creating a digital twin of your physical fiber network, highlighting how a complete digital overhaul translates to accelerated network monetization, enriched subscriber interactions, shorter mean-time-to-repair, and reduced OPEX.

From paper to pixels: the digital revolution

physical fiber asset management

Traditionally, fiber asset management relied on paper reports, requiring manual effort for critical information retrieval. The introduction of digital documentation in PDF and XLS files, alongside traditional SOR, marked a significant efficiency boost. However, they lacked direct links to specific fiber assets, hindering real-time tracking and management. This weak foundation posed challenges for long-term data access, especially with phased or multi-contractor network builds, which can span over many years. It also became a complication during mergers, as operators sought to value, consolidate and optimize their fiber network assets. 

Partial inventory integration: a step towards efficiency 

The integration of individual SOR/PDF files with fiber asset unique identifiers (UIDs) marked a significant advancement. This transition, while offering modest improvements in tracking and auditing, represented only a partial digital transformation. Static data still prevailed, and real-time progress monitoring through comprehensive dashboards was either limited or non-existent. Without pre-loaded build intent, real-time monitoring and estimating completion became impossible. Additionally, not all fiber circuits were documented with birth certificates. Lastly, the available test results ("as-built") were not used to reconcile with the original plans ("as-planned").

The pinnacle: 100% UID integration 

The zenith of fiber asset management lies in full digital integration. With each fiber network physical assets tied to an UID on a digital twin, a treasure trove of dynamic data is accessible, spanning the asset's entire lifecycle. This holistic approach encompasses birth certificate information and continuous monitoring, providing a comprehensive view of each asset's status and performance.

Automation: touchless operations at your fingertips 

digital fiber asset management

Digital measurement results linked to UIDs are contextualized and enable integration with business support systems and workflows for touchless operations and robust dashboarding capabilities. Tracking build quality, progress and monetization readiness enables operators to recoup their deployment investments sooner and prove the value of their fiber assets to potential buyers. Real-time operational status updates, alerts and trending facilitate preventive maintenance, reduce operational costs and maximize uptime.

Seizing the future: rapid monetization and enhanced experiences 

The more digitized the fiber asset management, the faster network monetization becomes a reality. Subscribers experience heightened connectivity and faster services. Additionally, mean-time-to-repair shrinks, reducing service disruptions. Lowering network maintenance, OPEX becomes achievable through informed, data-driven decisions and preventative measures.

Conclusion: pioneering digital excellence 

The evolution from paper-based reports to complete digital integration is revolutionizing how we manage and optimize network infrastructure. Embracing this digital transformation not only amplifies network performance but also unlocks unprecedented potential for rapid monetization and an enriched subscriber experience. Being at the forefront of fiber asset management isn't just an operational edge; it is a strategic necessity in today's digitally interconnected world. EXFO's solutions are designed to assist you in this crucial endeavor. 

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