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EXFO: automate or stagnate

Claudio Mazzuca, Vice President of Systems & Analytics Assurance for EXFO, explores why automation is key for providers to survive, profit and deliver next-generation services. He says EXFO is focused on offering real-time test and assurance solutions, ensuring providers have checks and balances in place as they automate service creation and delivery regardless of network type they run on: physical, virtual or hybrid. He also explains how SD-WAN is ripe for automation.

EXFO: next-level assurance solutions and automation

Claudio Mazzuca, Vice President of Systems & Analytics for EXFO, breaks down EXFO’s three-part assurance solution for SD-WAN—Cloud enabled EXFO Worx, real-time performance analytics engine EXFO Xtract, and recent acquisition, Ontology—which boasts a broad, real-time network topology view to help predict and react to anomalies before they impact services. He explains how EXFO is taking automation to the next level by tackling new service assurance challenges brought on by NFV and the challenge of automating troubleshooting.

Dynamic bandwidth scaling and continuous performance monitoring for carrier ethernet networks using LSO compliant platforms form EXFO and Amartus.

Business services are booming.  The rush is on to deliver reliable and scaleable solutions while managing the complexity of a virtualized environment.  EXFO and Amartus have teamed up to deliver a fully functional, orchestrated solution that enables the rapid turn up and management of Carrier of a Carrier Ethernet (CE) service.

The video demonstrates provisioning of an orchestrated MEF CE 2.0 service with service assurance capabilities. The solution consists of LSO components integrated by Amartus and EXFO's virtual probing technology automatically deployed and configured as part of the service provisioning. The PoC supports active assurance scenarios such as service level agreement (SLA) compliance testing or dynamic bandwidth shaping, by integrating EXFO¹s Performance Assurance test suite within LSO-compliant engine, providing a fully orchestrated and closed-loop dynamic system.