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Published on September 2, 2016

Risky Business: How Real Are Your Real-Time Analytics?

You need your network service assurance system to detect and flag potential problems in real time, before they affect subscribers’ quality of experience—or at least within seconds after they occur—otherwise you’re risking customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

But just how “real” are your real-time analytics? Some management systems claiming to deliver real-time intelligence can take up to an hour to signal a problem. And which data needs to be delivered in real time? Not all of it does.

These are critical questions: without true real-time analytics, the agility and OPEX reductions promised by network virtualization simply will not be delivered. 

Our latest application note, Enabling Closed-Loop Assurance Through Real-Time Analytics, answers these questions by exploring real-time analytics and how they can effectively support closed-loop service assurance in virtualized networks.

The paper also reviews how a real-time analytics engine can enable a system to automatically initiate changes, reduce risk, control operational expenses and increase revenue—issues that are crucial in both virtualized environments and traditionally built networks.

Download the application note!

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