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Published on July 13, 2018

Bringing the World Cup home!

This summer is all about the 2018 FIFA World Cup! Action, drama, surprises—the World Cup has all the ingredients to keep people all over the world glued to their screens. Mexico is one of the countries were el futbol is god and king; and while the matches are being played out in Russia, Mexicans don’t want to miss an ounce of the action.

That’s why a Mexican operator, who is also long-time customer, called in EXFO’s experts to make sure that their World Cup broadcasts would be as seamless as possible. This service provider delivers fixed telephony, Internet and cable TV services through an HFC network. EXFO provided dedicated support and expertise in the overhaul of the operator’s systems.

The customer installed more than 30 of EXFO’s industry-leading Fiber Guardian RTU units with 96 ports each and the overall fiber health of the network was closely monitored using our renowned NQMSfiber system.

Thanks to this thorough fiber monitoring, we’re glad to help our customer bring the 2018 World Cup to the homes of millions of subscribers. Gooooooooooooooaaaaallllll!

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